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The Psychedelic Self-Care Course Bundle: A selection of self-guided, heart-centered courses to support your intentional work with psychedelics

These courses were created to make intentional work with psychedelics easily accessible to those who feel called to it.

Through working with these courses, you receive professional-level, psychedelic therapy support for an affordable price, all from the comfort of your own home.

Both Brooke and Michael have experienced immeasurable healing and evolution through their personal work with psychedelics, and they are passionate about helping others access this work in a safe and supportive way.

Our prayer for anyone who works with these courses is that they support you in returning home to the truth of you are, living a life in alignment with the desires of your soul, and awakening more fully to love in your daily life. 

Microdose: An Online Course to Guide You in Creating and Working With an Intentional Microdosing Practice

Would you like to begin an intentional microdosing practice for healing and growth?

Microdose guides you, step-by-step, in creating and working with a personalized microdosing practice with psychedelics.

This course will support you in creating a unique protocol and implementing ritual into your daily life.

If you are feeling drawn to the sacred practice of microdosing and would like guidance on where and how to begin, or if you would like to deepen your current microdosing practice, this course is for you.

Mesodose: More Than a Microdose, Less Than a Macrodose

Mesodose guides you through an intentional mesodose experience, which is more than a microdose, and less than a macrodose.

A mesodose allows you to gently move beyond the typical defenses of the mind, as you meet yourself in truth, honesty, and love. 

This course will support you in preparing for the experience, navigating the experience, and integrating the experience once it has ended. 

Mesodose will supply you with all of the information, wisdom, and tools needed to embark upon an intentional mesodose journey for your healing and evolution. 

Sananga: How to Create and Move Through an Intentional Sananga Practice

Are you feeling called to work deeply with the sacred plant medicine sananga?

This course is super straightforward and easy to work with and will provide you with everything you need to learn more about sananga, purchase sananga, begin working with sananga, and integrate your work with this sacred medicine.

This Course is for You if:

  • Want to learn more about sananga
  • Feel called to work with sananga
  • Would like to deepen your connection to your intuition
  • Would like greater clarity or a new perspective
  • Want to connect more deeply to your own inner wisdom

Going Inward: An Online Course Designed to Guide You Through the Preparation, Journey, and Integration of a Psychedelic Experience

Are you feeling called to intentional work with psychedelics for healing and growth? From preparation through integration, Going Inward will guide you as you embark upon a journey that many have described as “the most significant and awe-inspiring experience” of their lives.

Going Inward will provide you with the knowledge, wisdom, and tools you need to optimally prepare for, safely navigate, and thoughtfully integrate a psychedelic experience. This online course serves as a road map and is designed to be worked with at your own pace before, during, and after a journey.

Microdose Manifestation: How to Microdose to Manifest the Life Your Soul Desires

Do you want to manifest a life in deep alignment with the desires of your soul? 

Do you want to create a life aligned with the truth of who you are, while accessing the loving and wise support of sacred, psilocybin mushrooms? 

If you are yearning to live the life you came here for, the life you truly desire, Microdose Manifestation will provide you with the necessary wisdom, structure, and tools to make your dreams reality. 

Note: This course is strictly a manifestation practice. For guidance and support surrounding an intentional microdosing practice, please explore our course, Microdose. 

Welcome Home: An Online Course Designed to Support the Integration of Your Psychedelic Journey

Have you heard about the significant importance of integrating a psychedelic journey, in order for the experience to help change and transform your life? Would you like guidance and support as you integrate your experience?

Integration is the key to long-term healing and growth when intentionally working with psychedelics. 

Welcome Home is an online course that allows you to process and integrate a psychedelic journey with professional support, all from the comfort of your own home.

Free Yourself: An Online Course to Guide You Through Intentional Work with Psychedelics for Eating Disorders

Have you tried countless ways of healing from an eating disorder, yet cannot seem to stay on track, no matter how hard you try?

Are you feeling discouraged, hopeless, and dejected, like maybe there is no way out of the eating disorder prison for you?
Free Yourself is an online course that supports you in intentionally working with psychedelics, to assist you in getting into a space of recovery.

Free Yourself offers you loving guidance, all from the comfort of your own home, as you embark upon this intimate and sacred journey inward.

You Are Beautiful: An Online Course to Help You Break Free from Body Dysmorphia

Do you struggle with heightened anxiety surrounding your physical appearance?

If you spend time each day focusing on perceived flaws on your face or body, obsessively think about these flaws, focus on them when you see yourself in the mirror or in a photograph, believe your life would be better if these flaws could simply be fixed, your self-esteem suffers due to these perceived flaws, or these flaws affect your daily life and relationships, then this is for you.

This course, created by licensed therapist Brooke Novick, will guide you towards greater love and acceptance of who you truly are.

The Alchemy of Grief: Transmute Your Grief to Gold Using the Potent Healing Power of Dreams by Ning Tendo

This workshop does a deep-dive into how to transmute grief through working with your dreams. 

Ning explores numerous different facets of this work, including

  • Different types of grief
  • The five gates of grief
  • Why dreamwork is supportive for grief
  • The basic tenets of dreamwork for grief
  • The seven-step framework to grieve using your dreams
  • Rituals to attune you to your grief
  • Ancient dream incubation techniques and rituals
  • Exercises and memory development for dream recall
  • Eastern and western tips to maintain optimal sleep states for dreaming
  • Morning and evening rituals to induce grief dreams
  • Rituals to process dreams
  • Dream interpretations and meaning-making
  • Rituals to integrate inner archetypes
  • Integrating dreamwork into your life
  • Rewriting your grief story
  • And more... 

A Note from Ning: Grief work is soul work. Through using your dreams, you will experience a shortcut to the wild alchemy that transmutes grief and suffering into gold, and allows you to welcome the full range of your being, restoring a sense of wholeness and creativity that allows you to feel intimately connected with life itself.

Breathwork for Microdosing: Somatic Practices to Support Your Medicine Journey by Marissa Wansor

This workshop teaches all about the science of breathwork, how breathwork affects the nervous system, and how breathwork can support your microdosing practice.

This workshop also provides you with two different breathwork practices.

Each practice can be used at different times, to support you in your intentional work with the medicine.

Kambo 101: An Introduction to This Sacred Medicine with Svetlana Zaytseva

Would you like to learn more about intentionally working with kambo?

In this workshop, Kambo practitioner, Svetlana Zaytseva, teaches all about this sacred medicine.

This workshop covers:

  • What is Kambo?
  • Who is it for/not for?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What is the ceremony like?
  • How do you feel immediately after?
  • How do you feel in the days following?
  • How often can you work with Kambo?
  • Q&A
  • And more...

Join now to learn all about working with this sacred medicine from someone who serves it with deep integrity and love.

Psychedelics and Men's Work: How to Live and Lead from the Heart by Dr. Carlos Garcia

Are you feeling called to shed societal programming and live and lead from your heart?

Would you like to improve your personal and professional relationships through practicing greater vulnerability?

This workshop teaches all about the benefits of living life with an open heart.

You will learn how society has shut men down, how vulnerability is an act of great courage, and how to increase your capacity for joy.

Mushrooms and the Divine Feminine: Meeting the Goddess Within Through Sacred Plant Medicine-with Leslie Draffin

This workshop explores the connection between sacred mushrooms and the divine

Leslie discuss different faces of the divine feminine, how psychedelic experiences
expand our awareness, and how they connect us with the divine feminine within.

This workshop is designed for anyone who wishes to connect with the feminine within, as all beings have both divine masculine and feminine energy - regardless of their gender experience or expression.

This workshop will help you understand how sacred mushrooms awaken the goddess within us all, as well as provide you with practices to help you connect with your own divine

Inner Child Healing: A Return to Your Younger Self with Celina Uribe-Meza

This workshop explores inner child healing, why it is so important, and how you can deepen and heal your own inner child.

Celina also discusses the connection between plant medicine work and inner child healing. 

Celina provides you with journal prompts, an inner child guided meditation, and tools to support you in healing your inner child.

Intentional Microdosing and Internal Family Systems with Maggie Rigney

This workshop explores Internal Family Systems (IFS) and how it can support you in your intentional microdosing practice. 

Maggie discuss intentional microdosing, Internal Family Systems, and takes you through an IFS guided meditation. 

This workshop is for anyone who is new to IFS and would love to learn more about it.

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