You Are Beautiful: An Online Course to Help You Break Free from Body Dysmorphia

You Are Beautiful is for anyone struggling with or suffering from heightened anxiety surrounding their physical appearance.

If you spend time each day focusing on perceived flaws on your face or body, obsessively think about these flaws, focus on them when you see yourself in the mirror or in a photograph, believe your life would be better if these flaws could simply be fixed, your self-esteem suffers due to these perceived flaws, or these flaws affect your daily life and relationships, this course is for you.

Moving into a space of recovery is possible. The material in this course is meant to be worked with consistently, over time, in order for you to experience greater peace, freedom, and joy. You are worthy of living a life grounded in self-acceptance and self-love. Give yourself the gift of healing, so you may live the life you came here for.

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