The Alchemy of Grief: Transmute Your Grief to Gold Using the Potent Healing Power of Dreams by Ning Tendo

This workshop does a deep-dive into how to transmute grief through working with your dreams. 

Ning explores numerous different facets of this work, including

  • Different types of grief
  • The five gates of grief
  • Why dreamwork is supportive for grief
  • The basic tenets of dreamwork for grief
  • The seven-step framework to grieve using your dreams
  • Rituals to attune you to your grief
  • Ancient dream incubation techniques and rituals
  • Exercises and memory development for dream recall
  • Eastern and western tips to maintain optimal sleep states for dreaming
  • Morning and evening rituals to induce grief dreams
  • Rituals to process dreams
  • Dream interpretations and meaning-making
  • Rituals to integrate inner archetypes
  • Integrating dreamwork into your life
  • Rewriting your grief story
  • And more... 

This workshop will also provide you with a workbook and journal prompts, to support your dreaming and grief work. 

A Note from Ning: Grief work is soul work. Through using your dreams, you will experience a shortcut to the wild alchemy that transmutes grief and suffering into gold, and allows you to welcome the full range of your being, restoring a sense of wholeness and creativity that allows you to feel intimately connected with life itself.

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